Setting The Pace Of Your Novel

Novel Advice

The pace of your novel is one of the most important aspects of it. If the pace is too slow, your readers may get bored. However, if the pace is too quick, the readers don’t have time to invest in your characters and their stories. When you get excited about your story, you may get ahead of yourself and rush through certain scenes in your novel, which really messes with the pace, but novel editing by a professional editor can help you achieve the ideal pace.

As you write your first draft, really focus on each scene. Describe the actions of your characters in great detail. This helps your readers visualize the scene. Don’t worry at this point if you’re putting in too much detail. When you hire a professional editor to look over your novel, he or she can tell you if certain details are unnecessary. It’s easier to delete certain aspects rather than having to add more description later.

Another great way to ensure your novel has a great pace is to write out a scene list before you even write the first full draft. This way, if the editor suggests a complete rewrite of the draft, you don’t have to start completely from scratch. You’ll already have a basic outline of the novel to use.

Writing a novel can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. That’s why it’s a great idea to hire an editor. You can focus on getting your great ideas onto paper, and your editor can help you fine tune those ideas until you have a novel that shines. Melanie Green Editorial Services offers great manuscript editing and even a novel critique service to help get your work ready for publishing!