How Novel Critiques Help Writers


When writers finish drafting their first novel, they have one of two feelings about the process. Either these writers think the novel is the best thing ever written and can’t be improved. Often, they are surprised by dismal eBook sales or the lack of interest from publishers and agents. They can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Other times, writers are so scared to submit their work because they feel the work is terrible. They let the fear paralyze them into never going any further with their writing careers. This is sad, as often their work is very good.

Do you recognize yourself in either of these writer types? Here’s how a novel critique can help.

What is a Novel Critique?

A novel critique is a professional editing service performed by an experienced editor. Unlike line editing, where each individual line of copy is analyzed for grammar, etc., a novel critique provides holistic feedback and tangible recommendations for how to improve it. Since an editor works with novels in all stages, they’ll have great feedback to improve your novel. Since a novel critique happens earlier in the process, after the first draft is completed or in the middle of a draft, you’ll get feedback that you can act on in the revision process.

Novel Critiques For Confident Writers

If you’re confident about your novel, a novel critique is still appropriate. This way, your novel will be as good as it can be so it will have the best sales. Each time you do a novel critique, you’ll improve your writing skills with actionable feedback you can apply to this novel and to future novels.

Novel Critiques For Less Confident Writers

If you’re scared to submit your novel somewhere, a novel critique can help you overcome your fears. You’ll be able to see where your writing is strong and specific areas where it can be improved. If you have questions about the novel critique service, email me directly at