Family Newsletter


Send a professionally crafted newsletter to those you love. Everyone loves receiving mail in one form or another, make it meaningful. A professional writing service can help take take your letter to the next level, from a plain letter to a keepsake.



In the age of technology, many people believe writing isn’t as important anymore, but it’s so much more personal than a text or email. Having a family newsletter written lets family and friends know what’s been happening throughout the year. While many people share daily events and happenings on social media, you may have older family members or even those who just choose not to use social media that can’t keep up with your children’s latest achievements or your last family vacation. Sending out a written, or even emailed, family newsletter allows you to include everyone, even those who don’t spend as much time online.

The family newsletter can be sent out anytime but the most popular way to send them is usually in a holiday card. Include the things you know they’re interested in, things you may not always share on your social media accounts. Some popular things to mention in newsletters are the children’s latest achievements, new interests, family vacations or sports. A family photo can also be included as a keepsake for the recipient. If you have older children, include their input — the grandparents will be thrilled to hear from their grandchildren. The family newsletter is especially important if you have relatives that you aren’t able to see as much as you’d like. Technology is great and it has it’s place, but there is nothing like the communication of a personally written letter to allow friends and family to know you’re thinking of them.