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If you’re serious about your writing and want to pursue getting your novel published, our professional editing service will help you to present a polished piece of writing that better exemplifies your true talent and skill. And with the growing number of authors who choose to pursue independent publishing, our manuscript editing service will help you to feel confident about publishing your work.

Product Description

After working diligently on a manuscript to ensure that your characters have enough depth and that you’ve not missed any glaring plot holes, stepping back and looking at your manuscript objectively for some thorough editing can be impossible. Without setting the manuscript aside for a considerable period of time, it can be difficult to approach your work objectively in order to catch the things that will need fixing. And even best selling authors have things that need fixing in their manuscripts.

We provide professional manuscript editing to give you that fresh set of eyes that can look over your novel, editing it both for grammar and punctuation mistakes, but also providing substantive editing. This is an especially important part of novel editing as substantive editing checks to ensure that your manuscript is structured in a way that makes sense for the information that you’re presenting. Regardless of whether your work is fiction or nonfiction, this type of manuscript editing makes sure that your writing is clear, comprehensible, and formatted in a way that doesn’t omit information, necessary plot components, or details.



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