Novel Critique


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Complete critique for your novel. Receive relevant feedback and data about your novel before you self-publish or solicit agents. Let a professional help you craft your novel to the best it can be!

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Writing a novel is hard work, when you finish putting words down you may think that’s it. However, it is best if you have your novel critiqued by another person. While everything may seem great, you are not your audience. Things that seem clear to you may be difficult to understand for others. Having your novel reviewed is a great way to make sure the plot is clear, well weaved and engaging. Additionally, having your novel reviewed will help you gain a better grasp of your pacing and tension.

When it comes to writing fiction, it’s very important to have feedback.¬†While you may be apprehensive about having another person critique your work, it’s actually a simple process. Your novel is read and you’re provided with detailed examples of what works well and what needs improvement. Having a critique will allow you to make changes that provide a positive impact on your work that can’t be matched by reading through it again. If you’ve been apprehensive about submitting your novel to be critiqued, now is the time to do it. It is absolutely painless and the return on your investment will be beyond comprehension.