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    Complete Career Search Editorial Package

    $160.00 $80.00

    Stop stressing and start applying! This professional service prepares all the necessary documents you will need in landing the interview as well as the important documents you should not forget to send after — a professional thank you letter, and follow up letter. Let’s not for get the importance of your professional network!

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    Customized Cover Letter

    $50.00 $25.00

    Perfect your cover letter with this professional writing service offering assistance in writing, editing, ensuring proper grammar and spelling are used to share the proper information to highlight your professional resume and show employers just why they should interview you.

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    Customized Follow-up Letter

    $50.00 $25.00

    Make sure to refresh employers’ memories of just why they called you in for the interview in the first place with a customized follow-up letter crafted by a professional writing and editing service. With their experience, they know exactly what employers are looking to see.  Don’t miss your chance at securing your position.

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    Customized Resume

    $100.00 $66.00

    As professional writers, we come with many years of hiring experience across industries. We understand the hiring trends and what is being looked for. Let a professional resume writer, who has been professionally trained to write, edit and create resumes perform a thorough analysis of your qualifications, experience and other relevant information and pick the most relevant and sought-after information to incorporate into your resume. They will make your profile current, pertinent and precise. Contact us today for consultation

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    Customized Thank You Letter

    $50.00 $25.00

    Show your employers just how much appreciation you have with a customized, professionally written thank you letter. Everyone likes to know how much they are appreciated, but it is important to express your appreciation in the right way. Look to a professional writer to ensure your employer or future employer is thanked in the proper way.

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    Dissertation and Thesis Editing

    $1,000.00 $500.00

    Turn to a thesis and dissertation editing professional for an unbiased view on your hard work. A professional will be able to proofread and edit your paper ensuring it encompasses all that it should and is in top shape for scholarly review. It is always smart to get outside an opinion about writing assignments and research work.

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    Dissertation Formatting

    $300.00 $200.00

    Take advantage of the vast knowledge and experience dissertation formatting professionals have in formatting and style guides. Get a polished dissertation that reflects your knowledge and expertise with the proper formatting, so you can continue to focus more on your studies and research.


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    Dissertation Proofreading

    $750.00 $300.00

    In order to ensure that your dissertation reaches it maximum potential, and is well written and organized, retain a dissertation proofreading service. Your dissertation proofreader will look for a variety of things — proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Proofreaders will also edit, and fix what is needed, the structure of the dissertation, word choice, idea flow, organization, repetition, and clarity, eliminating issues offering suggestions on what could be better.

  • Editing

    Family Newsletter


    Send a professionally crafted newsletter to those you love. Everyone loves receiving mail in one form or another, make it meaningful. A professional writing service can help take take your letter to the next level, from a plain letter to a keepsake.

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    Freelance Writer Coaching

    $500.00 $250.00

    Let our monthly coaching on how to be a freelance writer take out the guess work so you can spend more time actually working and making real money. With monthly coaching sessions that include email and phone support, you can take your writing to the next level as a freelance writer and land higher paying jobs.