Melanie Green Editorial Services

In a modern world where people read more than ever at work on their computers, on smartphones, through social media and with email campaigns. Many people suspected that technology would disrupt the written word and destroy the publishing market. While it it is true that traditional publishers face unique and evolving challenges, more people have been given the go-ahead to write and publish their own work. I think that self-publishing allows for more novels, which is awesome.

Melanie Green Editorial Services started in 2010 to meet the fundamental needs of writers, academics and individuals. What started as a small freelance writing adventure away from corporate America has grown to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. I love to partner with clients to meet their long-term needs, whether this means editing one book a year or proofreading a dissertation and all of its subsequent publication.

Check out my “shop” where you can see all of my most common services listed out with transparent pricing. I base my rates off of the published EFA rates, as I aim to be as fair to our clients and writers.

If you have any questions about your specific project needs, please feel free to call me at 813-732-3666 or email us at I’d love to talk.