How To Accept Feedback From Your Editor

Writing Advice

Editing is a vital part of any writing process. And when you hire a professional editor to look over your novel, they will do more than just proofread it. They will look at the structure of the story, the depth of the characters, the tone of your writing, and more. All beneficial to you as the writer, because it allows you to see your story with new eyes. However, if an editor suggests changing something about your novel that you love, it can be hard to accept that feedback — this is where the struggle between writer and editor emerges. The key to accepting feedback while still retaining what you love about your novel is simple. Just ask questions and discuss the feedback with the editor.


For instance, if your editor suggests cutting out a certain scene or character that you love, your first reaction may be to simply ignore that feedback or go on the defense and argue. Rather than blindly following the editor or completely ignoring him or her, ask some questions. Find out what it was about that scene the editor didn’t like and discuss other options with him or her. Maybe, instead of cutting out the scene altogether, you can just rework it to fix any flaws the editor might have seen.


When receiving feedback from your editor, it is of utmost importance to remember not to take it personally. Your editor is trying to help you turn your novel into a masterpiece. If you receive any negative feedback, rather than getting offended, try to understand that feedback and allow it to turn you into a better writer. Editors are there to help you improve your writing skills and get your novel ready to publish.


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