Tips For Developing Your Novel

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Writing a novel can prove to be a daunting task if you want to create something that readers will love. In the fiction-writing process, there are several items of interest that should be considered before seeking the help of a professional editing service.

First and foremost, aspiring writers should concentrate on the plot and character creation process. Chances are, you probably have a good idea of the basic story that you wish to write. Basic plot elements consist of the story’s beginning, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.

When writing your first novel, here are a few tips to follow before sending your document off to a professional editor:

Focus on Character Creation

Your characters are just as important as the plot itself. Use a character creation worksheet in order to flesh out details on the characters in your novel. Later in the writing process, character creation worksheets provide an easy-to-reference tool that will help you remember little nuances about your characters that you may have forgotten.

If you’re stuck, consider creating a character that is based on someone you know. If you have a relative who speaks differently or has strange mannerisms, use that information to your advantage. Sit in a coffee shop and pay attention to those around you. Take your time and consider what is memorable about each person. In character creation, you want to make the characters in your novel as believable as possible.

Create an Outline

Writing a novel takes some planning. During the planning stages of creating your novel, write out a chapter-by-chapter outline that dictates the events that will take place in your story. Outlines give you the ability to retain continuity in your story while giving you an overview to check for loopholes.

When you have completed your novel, do yourself a favor and allow a professional editing service to edit it for you. Novice and seasoned veteran writers alike all benefit from having a second or third pair of eyes studying the content for errors in spelling or grammar.

Your future potential readers are your bread and butter, why not do them the service of having your novel edited for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors? An error-free reading experience makes readers want more when it comes to your novels – and isn’t that what we all want?

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