How to Proofread Your Own Work

Nobody wants to pay for or read poorly written content. Your clients won’t stay around if you send them work with typos or glaring errors. Use these tips to craft flawless content.

Correct Errors As You Type

If you notice an error while you’re writing the first draft, go ahead and fix it. Many writers do all of their editing at the end. Even if that’s your¬†style, make a note of what needs to be changed. You’ll forget about the error if you wait until the end.

Use Advanced Editing Software Applications

I pay for a premium subscription to Grammarly. It catches more errors than built-in spell checkers and notifies me of ways to improve my language. It’s not flawless, so you’ll still need to check your work. But it might just catch a few extra things before you send the finished piece off to your client.

Read Your Work Aloud

Before you submit your piece, read through it to see if you catch anything. Does anything sound funny? Look at each individual word to see if it’s correct.

Proofreading your work is a necessary evil you can’t skip. Doing a great job now means less revisions for you in the end.