How NOT to Re-Launch Your Website

wordpress-581849_640As many of you probably know, we started the process of relaunching the Melanie Green Editorial Services website in November. (For those of you keeping track, this process is scheduled to be completed January 1st, 2016).

Behind the scenes, we’re really excited for our modern update and new focus. However, there are definitely some things we’ve learned from our mistakes along the way. Here are 3 tips we learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

#1: Wait Until Post-Launch To Write Content

As a team of professional writers, we tend to write pretty fast. When the opportunity came to re-launch the site with the right partners, we jumped.

Next time, we’ll remember to do as we say and write all of the written content, plus some extra, well in advance.

This is especially true for our team at Melanie Green Editorial Services, since we are tossing so much of the original content.

#2: Don’t Tell Your Existing Customers About the Launch

Time for our first confession? Most of the clients we work with at Melanie Green Editorial Services come directly from referrals. These new clients, whether novelists, small businesses, or academics, hear about something fabulous we did for another client. They email and call us directly.

Or so I thought. Apparently many of our most loyal and awesome clients still check the website on a regular basis. So when it went 100% down this morning, I got a ton of calls making sure everything is alright.

Next time, I’m going to send an email to the clients we work with on a regular basis to just let them know. Call it TMI, or whatnot, but it’s a much smarter move.

#3: Do Everything On Your Own

I won’t lie, as a small business owner I’ve become pretty handy at minor website changes. However, I may have chosen to start the re-launch process when the webmaster here at Melanie Green Editorial Services was out of town. This has proven to be such a huge mistake!

We all need partners with a tremendous amount of expertise to be successful. Next time, I’ll make sure the whole team is ready to go.

If you’re looking for support for your own website relaunch, call me and we’ll discuss how we can help.