Editing Your Novel

Writing Advice

Writing a novel can be such a rewarding experience. Many have said, “I could write a book!” You are probably right. Don’t do it alone though. It’s so much better to find an editor (and some editors even work as ghostwriters). An editor can assist you with filling in your story and bringing it to life for a broader audience.

Finding an editor can seem impossible, but be patient. There are some incredible writers out there that love editing and love getting into another person’s story without the hassles of completing a book and marketing it. I suggest asking friends that may have gone through the writing process before. Another way to find a good editor is look in your favorite book. The address, phone number and website of the publishing company is there in the first pages. Check them out. You can also find small online editorial services such as the one this blog belongs to — Melanie Green Editorial Services!

Now that you have found an editor, be open minded. Your story is your baby and perhaps very personal. That’s why you need another set of eyes to help. The story is so familiar to you, that you might leave out key details to the story. See, once someone picks up your book, they are interested. They are ready to escape into your life, your world, whether fiction or non-fiction. Let them! Give them all the vivid details, and back story that brought you to where you are.

Finally, be creative. The story has to be interesting. It’s fine to embellish. The editor can help. If your story is personal, the editor can help fill in these sights and sounds that will enhance the experience for your readers. Don’t take correction to be an insult. Accept the help and allow an editor to bring your story from a thought to a masterpiece.