How to Thank Your Freelance Writing Clients

thank freelance writing clients

If you’re a full-time freelance writer, your clients directly impact your ability to pay your bills. When you find a good freelance writing client that pays you on time and doesn’t make you fight for on-time payment, you want to make sure to thank them in the right way so they’ll continue to send work your way. Here are some ideas on how you can thank freelance writing clients.

Offer a 10% Discount

In larger, brick and mortar businesses, loyal customers receive discount coupons all of the time to promote increased spending. For a company that sells products, they can cut their profit margin by 10% without much hesitation. After all, they are not physically working to produce each individual item (Etsy is a different story). As a freelance writer, you’re not able to consistently discount your services because it’s how you pay your bills. Consider offering a 10% discount on one order for your most reliable clients as a way to thank them. They’ll certainly appreciate it.

Handwritten Card

Most people get junk mail and bills in the mail, since online technologies have made it easy to communicate with other people through e-mail and social media networks. If you just finished a large project or haven’t worked with a client in a while, consider sending a handwritten card to them thanking them for their business and letting them know how much you appreciate them. They’ll appreciate the gesture and it’s not a lot of extra work, really, to send out a handwritten card.

Promote Their Businesses

The single best way to show your appreciation for your clients is to promote their businesses. If you meet someone who genuinely would need your client’s services, introduce them to each other. In your introduction email, with both parties copied on the email, introduce your client’s services in a flattering way and indicate that you’ve appreciated working with them in the past. Your clients will remember this.

If you need more ideas on how to cultivate stellar client relationships, you can email me at [email protected]. I’d love to chat.