When to Break Up with a Client

There comes a time in every freelancer’s life when you’ll need to break up with a client. Even if you really hate working with your client, it can be difficult to know when and how to break up with your client. Here are just some of the times when you’ll know it’s time to break up with a client.

Your Client Isn’t Paying You

If your client isn’t paying you, there’s no reason to do work for them. Sometimes clients do get confused that freelancing is your job and will take advantage of you. Don’t let them. If your client misses paying an invoice, stop doing work for them.

If you have a client that pays you eventually, aim to replace them, too. You need clients that pay on time without you having to harass them. They exist.

Your Client Pays the Least

There are only so many hours in a day. Eventually, you’ll have more work than you can realistically handle. When this happens, it’s time to drop your client that pays the least.

Your Client Calls You All the Time

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. We accidentally found the client that thinks it’s okay to call you all the time…late at night, in the early morning, and on the weekend. When your efforts to curb this behavior has failed, this is an okay client to break up with.

Your Client Changes Parameters

If your client constantly changes the scope of your work without changing your rate of pay, it’s time to break up with the client. For example, if your client asks you to write 1,500 words about the impact of paint colors on a room and in revision, wants that same project to be 3,000 words about how to raise children, this is a different assignment. If your client doesn’t see it this way, they are not the right fit.

Your Client is Verbally Abusive (Even in Text!)

Occasionally, you’ll meet an abusive client. One that calls and screams at you out of the blue. Even if you don’t have work lined up, go ahead and break up with this client.

You Can’t Stand Doing the Work

Sometimes you end up with a project that’s totally the wrong fit. You wake up in the morning dreading the fact that you need to complete this project. Aim to break it off with this client gracefully.

Fortunately, you won’t have to break up with clients that often. Most of them are great. If you’re looking for a solid freelance writer to work with, email me at [email protected].