Keeping Client Communication Open

Client Communication

When you work for a client and want to meet their needs, you have to be able to understand what those needs are. It is important for you to communicate well with your clients, and those clients should feel free to contact you whenever they want or need to. Try to do all that you can in order to keep communication open between yourself and your clients.

Honest Communication

Let your clients know that you are always ready to listen if they have questions, suggestions, and complaints. While it might be hard to have a client constantly letting you know what they think of the work that you are doing, allowing them to have a say will help them to feel at ease about your relationship and enable you to complete better work. You should allow your client to share their feelings and concerns, and they should know that they can do that at any time.

Progress Communication

Always update your client in regards to just where you are in the writing process. If you know the project is going to take a long time to complete, then you should contact your client periodically in order to let them know what stage the project is in. Keep your client in the loop by giving them regular updates in regard to the writing process, even a short email will do.

Every client wants to work with a writer who will communicate with them, and you will do well if you take the time to be open in communicating with your clients. If you’re struggling to create open and communicative relationships with your clients, check out our freelance writer coaching program. With weekly calls and emails during the rest of the week, you’ll get the support you need to have a lasting career.